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What is sculpture?

Sculpture is a three-dimensional art form that involves creating and manipulating materials such as clay,fibre,polyresin,casted marbles(artifical Stone), metal,silicon or other materials to create a physical and Customized object or artwork.

what is mural ?

A mural is a large artwork that is typically created directly on a wall or a surface of significant size. Murals are a form of visual art that can encompass various styles, techniques, and subject matters. They are often used to convey messages, tell stories, showcase cultural or historical narratives, or simply enhance the visual appeal of a space.

Murals can be found in a wide range of settings, including public spaces, buildings, schools, streets, and even indoor spaces like museums and galleries. They can be painted, drawn, or even created using other materials such as tiles, glass, and mosaics. Murals can cover entire walls or sections of walls, and they can vary in scale from small to incredibly large and immersive.

One of the distinctive features of murals is their ability to transform and engage with the environment they inhabit. They often have a strong impact on the atmosphere of a space and can serve as a form of public art that interacts with the community. Murals have been used throughout history as a means of cultural expression, social commentary, and beautification of urban areas.

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